What to Look For in The First Synthesizer

Synthesizers are smaller and more affordable and also invite beginners. Synth for beginners does not look like a synth in the traditional sense. Synthesizer is not easy to use, other synths may have more features that the user need and also experimented with apps or software.

Buying your first synthesizer should not be more expensive because the synthesizer may have a lot of functions. Below are some of the considerations that first-time synthesizer buyers should take before deciding which synthesizer will be right for the beginners.

Consume a synth with a sequencer

The keyboard ability should be limited to no existent if you are buying the first synthesizer. Buy a synth along with the sequencer of same kind. This will help the user to write a melody note by note on the board memory by leaving the hands free to stuff like cutoff. This may also add the effect to the pattern that loops in the background.

Synthesizer should not be too big

If you are choosing your first synthesizer to make sure that it should not be too big. The best way is to buy a compact synth where you can have a desk and can be able to use all the time. If the synthesizer is small then you can carry the synth outside and make music anywhere.

Buy a model along with a speaker

The synth will not have a mixer, soundcard or monitor to route the model through audio. In this case, buying a synth along with a speaker attached to it will be better for the beginner. The speaker will not be sound great but it is better than using headphones.

buying first synthesizer

Analog or digital

For some people, analog synth sound will be better and for some digital synth sound will be better. The choice of the synthesizer sound may vary from one person to another. Choosing your first synthesizer will not be particular in sounds because for the first synth the way the synth sounds is not that much important.

Hardware or software

Choosing software synthesizer called as a soft synth. In soft synth, there will not be any physicality that comes in hardware synthesizer. The soft synth will be better for the entry level synthesizer for the beginners. There is a lot of software synthesizer that is entirely free to download and also great for brand new players by providing many features before thinking about hardware synthesizer.