How to make a DIY recording studio

There are many preparations to be done to make a recording studio. Make sure that you should have a proper setting and gear for recording to improve the overall quality of the video. It is very simple to make homemade recording studio.

To make your own studio there are three elements that should be followed. They are as follows:

  1. Recording space consideration
  2. Video recording gear and equipment
  3. Video editing software

Finding record space

Selecting a suitable location is critical for setting up a recording studio. Make sure that the location should be comfortable, convenient and can easily accessible for starting the recording. If the recording studio is located on the home or office then make sure that the room should be interior. In this case, the outside noise will not be heard inside the room.

homemade recording studio


Acoustics used to adjust the sound in the recording. Acoustics can b easily adjusted by diffusing the sound is done by filling the room with furniture such as sofa, bean bag chair, or pillows.

Filling the sound with the furniture helps to reduce the amount of echo in the room and also makes the sound more easily absorbed. The acoustic foam helps to control the sound and gives a clear sound that is needed.

Testing results

Recording studio background should be perfect for an effective recording. Some test should be evaluated for recording with different sound diffusion techniques and also make sure that the sounds work as best for space.

Gear for DIY recording studio

There should be some equipment added to the studio that makes the studio look effective. The most basic equipment of gear that should be added is as follows


There are three options that can be used as a camera in the recording studio. They are a camcorder, a DSLR, or mobiles.

Using a camcorder is a simple approach in the studio. But the features in the camcorder may be limited. The camcorder does all the basic needs for the recording.

A DSLR provides more feature when compared with the camcorder. A  DSLR provides better quality for the videos in low light situations. A DSLR offers multiple lens options, medium and tight shots, and also a better color balance to the video while recording.

When compared to a camcorder and DSLR, mobiles are better.  Cell phones have many features according to the trend. The video and images can be captured with high quality using cell phones.