Things to look on when buying a used microphone

If you are ready to buy a second-hand microphone the condition will be good and the cost will be cheap. But if you look deeply the products shows you the condition and maintains when it was in use. This kind of second hand microphones will work for one week after buying then it may lead to many repairs.

If you are ready to record from the home and even ready to buy a used microphone in online then there are many deals available for the microphones. Following points may help you from buying a poor quality of microphones.

Ask to buy on the condition

If a microphone tech does not give the thumbs on the quality of the microphone then do not get stuck in the sale for buying used microphones.

second-hand microphone

Search for sales with guarantee

Most of the people overlook for the money back guarantee when buying a used microphones online. Microphones are really complicated and it is impossible to give a money back guarantee to the customer.

Make sure of padded case

This is one of the good sign that most of the seller show while selling the second hand microphones. The seller will ensure that there will not be any damages in the microphone but the customer should check the microphone carefully.

Ask for HQ photos

Microphones may have lots of scratches and will sound good. Before choosing a used microphones just ask for a HQ photos to ensure that there is no exterior scratches on the microphone. Most of the scratches will appear while dropping and mishandling the microphones.

buying a used microphone

Buying a microphone with sound equipment

Buying a microphone from the sound equipment company will be charging a little bit more. They actually checks to make sure that the microphones are working with good condition or not.

Most priority to old models

The old model microphones are better than the new model microphones. When compared to new model microphone, old model microphones are less expensive.

Satisfy the purpose and the need

Make sure of the purpose and the needs while shopping second hand products.  Examine the needs carefully as listed below

  • If the product is needed for studio or live performance
  • Choose the product according to frequency whether low end or high end because selecting of frequency matters more in microphones
  • If you want to use an external power supply or internal power supply
  • Choose the direction that is used to pick up the need